About Us

The Islamic Society of ACT (ISACT) has established an independent corporate entity "Canberra Mosque Fund Ltd (CMFL)" whose sole object is to raise funds to redevelop / construct the Canberra Mosque.

The directors (trustees) of the CMFL are brothers Imam Mohammed Swaiti, Imam Nourredine Laraibi, Abul Ehsan, Muhammad Waseem and Ijaz Hafeez. The trustees have elected Imam Mohammed Swaiti as its Chairman and Ijaz Hafeez as its Secretary. CMFL will maintain and operate the Canberra Mosque Trust Fund (CMTF) to be used in future to upgrade the Canberra Mosque, and have opened a bank account where these funds will be held.

ISACT encourages everybody to contribute generously to this fund. Please note that all funds held by CFML will only be used for the redevelopment of the Canberra Mosque.